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Two Brothers Racing M2 / M5 Slip-on & Full System Exhaust



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Two Brothers Racing M2 / M5 Slip-on & Full System Exhaust
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  • This system completely replaces your existing exhaust system. This not only adds horsepower but also can drop significant weight from your bike. We build our header systems as a complete unit.
  • Finished system flows better at the collectors, makes more power and does not vibrate on the bike.
  • Superbike stainless steel headers are manufactured from .035in. thin wall stainless steel. We then polish them to a mirror finish. The ductile quality of stainless steel makes it possible to produce extremely light and strong headers. We use only premium #304 stainless which will never rust and after a few heat cycles will turn a golden amber color which is the characteristic signature of high quality stainless steel. This type of canister can be mounted in the original position or in a high mounted position depending on the bike and our available applications.