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Caliber Lowpro Glides™ and Lowpro Glides Wide™

Price: $ 7.12 to $ 117.11
  • Low-profile design allows your trailer to be used for multiple purposes without causing interference (hauling ATVs, furniture or whatever you may need to haul)
  • HDPE plastic greatly reduces the friction between ski and trailer, making loading and unloading effortless
  • LowPro Glides Wide (8" W) accommodate all dual-runner skis
  • LowPro Glides (6" W) now accommodate all Polaris and Woody's dual-runner wear bars
  • Eliminate damage to trailer decking caused by carbide wear rods
  • Slotted mounts are designed to allow LowPro Glides to expand without warping
  • LowPro Glides accommodate snowmobiles with up to 8.5" of ski stance variance
  • LowPro Glides Wide accommodate snowmobiles with up to 12.5" of ski stance variance
  • Extension kits are available to complete 12-foot trailers, ramps, etc. (four 30" pieces per kit)
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included