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Michelin Starcross Mini MH3 Tire



Price: $ 42.88 to $ 46.85
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  • Developed especially for serious racers
  • Reversible tread pattern with a tread-wear indicator that clearly shows when to reverse the tire on the rim - when the "M" disappears, the tire can be turned around
  • Mirror-image knobs provide equal traction in both directions on a wide range of terrain
  • StarCross® MS2 features a compound designed for mixed-soft conditions
  • StarCross® MS3 features an M-block knob pattern with reinforced scoop-like knobs that are widely spaced
  • StarCross® MH3 features massive knobs to resist chunking and reshaped side knobs for better grip
  • Strong casings incorporate three cross-woven polyamide plies
  • Staggered shoulder knobs for superb cornering action
  • Super stiff sidewalls for high-impact shock absorption on landings
  • Flexible tread minimizes rebound on rough tracks and helps keep tire in contact with the ground