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Scala Rider Q2™ Pro

Item Discontinued
This item is no longer available
Includes 1 headset
Bike to bike intercom communication up to 2,300ft
A2DP compatibility with MP3 players to listen to wireless stereo music
Multi-Device Connectivity Options (wireless or wired using jack connection with cable provided): - A mobile phone for hands-free conversations - A GPS device for in-helmet voice instructions - An MP3 Player for Stereo music - Another Scala Rider Q2 PRO, Q2 or G4 headset for bike to bike intercom communication (a Scala Rider Q2PRO headset can be actively connected to one Bluetooth device and 2 Scala Rider Q2 PRO headsets at one time)
Enhanced audio quality with amplified speakers
VOX Technology - receive, initiate and reject calls by voice control
Embedded FM radio with seek and scan functions and 6 user defined stations
Full duplex - allows simultaneous talking and listening between bikers
Talk time up to 8 hours, standby time up to one week
AGC Technology - headset automatically adjusts its own volume based on ambient noise
Noise canceling microphone
Fits virtually all helmets, easy 5 minute self-installation