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Alpinestars Nucleon KR-Cell CiR Chest Insert

Price: $ 49.95
  • Designed to offer protection to track and sports bike riders while ensuring maximum levels of breathability and comfort
  • High-performance, super lightweight track and race chest protector featuring the Nucleon Cell technology
  • The double-layered chest shell plate is constructed from a high-performance polymeric material blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties
  • The chest protector's structure design and structure changes from the center towards the outside and provides the perfect balance between force and dispersion and energy absorption
  • Unique cell microstructure is designed for advanced energy absorption, adaptivity, maximum breathability and airflow
  • Ergonomic protection plate contours to the natural curve of the back ensuring optimum fit while riding
  • Soft comfortable airmesh on the body side of the protector offers maximum breathability and rider comfort