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Motocomm MXR-1 Music Mixer Cable

Item Discontinued
This item is no longer available
Combatibility NOTE: Compatible w/ Garmin RINO 110, 120 and 130 series 2-way radios
All headset/communicator connectors are weatherproof with easy-connect waterproof plugs and molded strain reliefs
All cables have generous length and coiled sections
Full-face microphone headsets have button microphone; open-face helmet headsets have boom microphone
All headset kits include helmet-mount dual-speaker set and microphone, handlebar-mount PTT switch, interface cable and all necessary mounting hardware
Optional small push-to-talk switch with 20 cord available separately
Allows the addition of a music player or other audio device (MP3 player, CD player, etc.) to a MotoComm MC- or SK-series headset