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Thor Ally Goggles

Item Discontinued
This item is no longer available
  • Joining forces on the front-line, the Ally goggle is now on your side
  • Innovative filtered intake and exhaust apertures allow for ideal air exchange while simultaneously preventing dirt from entering the goggle and preventing fog from forming on the lens
  • Break rank with a removable nose guard and 4 bonus alternative colored interchangeable vent inserts that allow you to differentiate your goggle from all the others
  • The thermal molded triple layer facefoam paired with an increased frame curvature envelopes the face and creates a luxurious feel
  • But if you can't see, then what is the point
  • We designed the Ally frame to generate an increased field of vision permitting the rider to have an unobstructed view at all times, coupled with an embossed woven strap backed with 4 strips of silicone to prevent goggle repositioning
  • Superior optimal performance is further promoted by the Thor goggle standard anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV protected, optically correct Lexan lens
  • Toss in the 3 post tear-off system, extra lens, goggle bag, and the Ally is your best asset when in battle

Product Features:
  • Filtered intake and exhaust apertures allow ideal air exchange while eliminating dirt from entering the frame
  • 4 bonus interchangeable vent inserts give your goggle a fresh and custom look
  • Mirror smoke and a clear optically correct Lexan lenses included
  • Anti-fog coated and anti-scratch lenses with UV protection for unimpeded vision
  • Spare lenses and tear-off packs available
  • Thermal molded triple-layer facefoam provides a luxurious feel against the face
  • Woven embossed strap with 3 strategically aligned silicone strips prevent repositioning
  • Drilled frame increase ventilation and reduces fogging
  • 3-post tear-off system
  • Molded strap adjustment system
  • Plush goggle bag
  • Imported