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Ariete Glamour Goggles

Price: $ 49.72 to $ 64.09
Grab a pair of Ariete Glamour Goggles before you hit the track for your next ride. Top of the line materials and manufacturing make these goggles the best eyewear you can get on your next dirt bike or ATV ride.

  • Frame made from PUR giving it added flexibility, elasticity, durability and is UV resistant
  • Clear Lexan lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment
  • Lens provided with pins for roll-off and tear-off compatibility
  • Face foam is made up of 3 different layers of non-allergenic, technical foam
  • PA6-Rubber fiber elastic band with "glittering effect" plus 3 anti-slip silicone strips
  • Elastic strap with 1 anti skip silicone bead provided with pin to suit tear-off use