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Smith Sport Optics Replacement Lenses

Item Discontinued
This item is no longer available
  • Lenses are made of impact-resistant and scratch-resistant G.E. Lexan®
  • Clear lens allows maximum visible light transmission (84% VLT) for all weather conditions
  • Gray lenses have a neutral tint to reduce glare in variable light conditions
  • Blue and rose bright light, blue 55% VLT and rose 59% VLT
  • Gold Lite lens features a multi-purpose tint that provides maximum depth perception and visual clarity, 55% VLT
  • Platinum mirror lens gives maximum glare protection with excellent visibility; 25% VLT
  • Red and blue mirror lenses feature a special coating to give maximum glare reduction with great visibility (30% VLT)
  • Sol-X lens has a tint specially designed for very sunny or bright conditions (15% VLT)
  • Yellow lens increases visual clarity and depth perception in overcast or flat light conditions (68% VLT)
  • Light-sensitive lens has a tint that transmits usable light in darker conditions and adjusts to gray as light increases (55% to 84% VLT)
  • Clear Extreme Condition Lens (XCL) features a pattern of raised dots around the viewing area of the lens to assist movement of Roll-Offs™ film by reducing friction in wet conditions
  • Airflow dual-pane lenses utilize active ventilation for increased airflow, allowing moist air to flow out of the interior of the goggles without fogging the lens
  • All replacement lenses feature UVA, UVB and UVC protection