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Straightline Performance Universal Rectangle Vent

LG O.D./SM O.D.:
Price: $ 12.30 to $ 18.95
  • Straightline performance has an exciting new line of vents from Frogzskin. These vents have been proven to help remove excess heat from under the hood increasing horsepower and belt life. Their patent pending design utilizes the latest technology in Micro-Fiber materials. Vents provide you with easy economical protection that looks great!
  • Material is woven to specific quality standards allowing maximum air-flow and hydrophobic characteristics to repel water and snow.
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Industrial grade adhesive is tested in excess of -40deg.
  • Designed to be an easy peel and stick application
  • Works with plastic OEM vents to protect from fine powder snow and debris
  • Patent Pending design produces a thin low profile vent, which eliminates snow build-up on or around vents
  • No unsightly rivets, screws, snaps or bulky frames
  • Universal kits can be used in multiple locations in combination with multiple sizes to maximize cooling and air flow
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