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Kibblewhite Precision Valve Seats



Price: $ 6.59 to $ 34.22
  • Using the latest developments in powdered metal technology, KPMI’s R&D team was able to create a high density iron based seat with exceptional wear resistance, resistance to microwelding, and excellent thermal qualities. The seats are tall, offered in several sizes, and have ample material on the ID for shaping, making them universal in application. They allow the builder to repair damaged seat bores and to increase the seat size for larger valves. The ODs are ground for a smooth surface finish that offers maximum contact with the seat bore for optimum heat transfer. KPMI seats have a generous radius on the leading edge to prevent galling during installation. This material is compatible with all types of fuel blends, resists corrosion, burning, and fretting, and is machinable with standard tooling.