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Cometic Gasket Gasket Kits



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  • All Cometic top-end gasket kits are complete with head and base gaskets
  • Designated kits include reed, power valve and exhaust gaskets
  • Cometic graphite head gaskets are manufactured from non-asbestos flexible graphite laminated to a stainless steel core
  • Cometic graphite material is impervious to fuels, coolants and oils
  • NOTE: GASKET DESIGNATIONS: Reed=R, Power Valve=PV, Exhaust=E
  • Ensure a critical seal and superior durability that meets and exceeds OEM specifications
  • Gaskets are made from quality materials such as MLS (Multi-Layer Steel), rubber-coated steel and aluminum foam material
  • Include valve stem seals and copper crush washers
  • All complete kits contain top-end gasket kit, center crank case gasket, inner and outer clutch cover gaskets, water pump gasket and magneto/generator cover gasket