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Hot Rods Connecting Rod Kits



Item Discontinued
This item is no longer available
  • Manufactured from hot-rolled ASTM 4115 and case-hardened to 58-62 Rc.
  • Feature the latest in caged needle roller bearing designs for high rpm
  • Uniquely designed big end uses strategically located side scalloping and vent slots to minimize bearing race distortion at high rpm
  • Shot-peened to eliminate surface stress risers and to smoothly blend together the rod forging's radiuses
  • Double honing produces an ultra-round bearing surface for reliability at high rpm
  • Small ends are double drilled to supply extra lubrication and cooling to the wrist pin bearing, which is especially important when the piston crown is close to the wrist pin bearing
  • Rod assembly sold complete with rod, crank pin, crank pin bearing, top-end bearing and silver-coated bronze phosphur thrust washers