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Gunnar Gasser Gunnar Kill Switch

Price: $ 12.65 to $ 68.39
  • Tether kill switch is easy to install - plugs into most ATVs
  • Narrow design, installs on slightly curved portion of the bars
  • Housing O-ring weatherproofed
  • Matching lanyard included
  • Replacement lanyard available separately
  • This tether is normally closed. To see if this is correct for your machine you must perform the following test
  • 1. Locate the two wires going to your machine's kill switch
  • 2. With the kill switch in the run position, test for continuity between the two wires
  • 3. If you DO have continuity, this tether switch WILL work for your machine
  • 4. If you DO NOT have continuity, this tether WILL NOT work for your machine

    Note: When selecting a kill switch be sure to check and see if you need a Normally Open or a Normally Closed switch. If you are not sure, check the wiring schematic for your machine