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PIAA Gt-x Super Plasma



Price: $ 29.71 to $ 76.46
  • The look of HID for headlights and auxiliary lights
  • Shines at 5000K giving off a bluish-purple look
  • Low beam is a purple color shining at 5000K while high beam maintains extreme white performance at 3800K. A purple colored top coat gives headlamp a purple look even when lamp is off.
  • SPECIFIC BULB DESIGN FEATURES: Metal bond that holds glass securely preventing cracks and leaks; Heat resistant glass tube; Welded focus ring assuring proper positioning; 1-piece filament support for perfect positioning; XTRA technology for greater output and performance; 100% quality control testing for perfect performance; 1 year manufacturers performance warranty
  • H4 Anti-Vibe 60/55W=135/124W