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Trail Tech Vapor Speedometer/tachometer Computer



Price: $ 98.03 to $ 130.12
  • Speed, temp, distance, tach and clock
  • Speedometer functions: current, average, maximum; selectable MPH/KPH
  • Temperature functions: ambient temp, engine temp with LED alerts, dual programmable temp lights, exact model fit temp sensors; selectable F/C scale
  • Distance functions: adjustable distance, permanent odometer; selectable mile/kilometer
  • Tachometer functions: real-time rpm bar graph, numeric rpm readout, dual programmable shift lights; up to 20,000 rpm
  • Clock functions: hour meter, stop watch, ride time; selectable 12/24 hour display
  • Includes universal power connector for all machines and accepts AC and DC power
  • Waterproof design with high-intensity LCD white backlight display