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Accel Super Coil Kits



Price: $ 107.95 to $ 222.60
  • High-output coils for use in either 2- or 4-cylinder motorcycles
  • Motorcycles with point or electronically triggered ignitions use PART #140403 or #140403S
  • Bikes equipped with capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) use PART #140404 or #140404S
  • ACCEL engineers designed these coils special low-resistance primary winding to match the operating characteristics of factory and aftermarket CDI systems
  • Maximum performance with fast rise times
  • Extra-heavy-duty 9mm silicone wires included
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: Using the wrong coil may damage your motorcycles electronic ignition module. To determine your ignition type, complete the following test:
  • 1. Determine whether the type of coil you are replacing is a high tower coil. (These coils will NOT replace single tower coils.)
  • 2. Using a volt meter or 12V test light, hook the positive lead to the positive post and the negative lead to the ground on one of the stock coils.
  • 3. Turn the ignition on, but DO NOT engage the starter button.
  • 4. If there are 12V at the coil, the motorcycle has an inductive type ignition. If there is no voltage at the coil, then the motorcycle has a CDI ignition because
  • the power goes to the control box first.
  • 2 Cylinder Model
  • One Coil Kit
  • Inductive Dishcarge Ingnition
  • Primary Ristance is 3.0 Ohms