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Full Throttle Inc Goldfinger Left Hand Throttle Kit



Price: $ 88.48 to $ 98.95
  • Highest-quality stainless steel used in the cable adapter and fasteners
  • Installs over grip on most models; does not interfere with handwarmers
  • Throttle can be operated with one finger for safer sidehilling
  • Aluminum throttle lever features a gold anodized finish;
  • Rubber accordian boot keeps snow out of cable housing; safety pin locks left throttle from use while trailriding, etc.
  • Quick installation - aproximately 20 minutes
  • Complete Kit includes all hardware, Allen wrenches and instructions

    Includes the following:
  • One perch with goldfinger lever
  • One handlebar spacer (clear vinyl tubing)
  • One black cable housing
  • One stainless steel cable
  • One safety locking pin for throttle
  • One 2-1/4 inch ss allen bolt, w/ 4 flat washers and nyloc nut (replaces pivot pin)
  • One stainless steel adapter plate for right side
  • One barrel bolt (looks like a bullet with a hole through the center) with ss allen screw and two ss washers for correct spacing
  • One aluminum cable crimp cap (don't lose it....its small)
  • Four plastic zip-ties
  • Two allen wrenches (4mm, 5mm)