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Pingel Electric Up/Down Off-Road Universal Shifter Kits



Price: $ 859.46 to $ 931.72
Available Items:
For normally open ignition
  • Shifts the transmission up or down at the push of a button
  • Momentarily suspends the ignition system for smooth shifting clutch use is eliminated except for starting and stopping
  • Works for normal riding or full-throttle shifting
  • Ability to clutch and shift normally is retained
  • Kit can be adapted to work on most machines that have a foot-operated shifter and a battery
  • Kits contain a waterproof dual-button handlebar bracket with polished finish and large push buttons for use with gloves, miniature solid-state control and kill modules that fit almost anywhere, wiring harness, clear zinc-plated shift cylinder with protective boot, matte finish cylinder clamp, universal mounting bracket and complete detailed instructions
  • This is not a bolt-on kit and is for the experienced fabricator only

    Includes the following:
    (1) Electronic engine kill module
    (1) Electronic engine kill module wire leads
    (1) Electric shift cylinder support bracket with cylinder clamp (threaded)
    (1) Cylinder Clamp (thru-holes)
    (1) Fused wiring harness
    (1) 7/8 inch Handlebar button assembly
    (1) Control module
    (1) Electric shift cylinder
    (2) Ring terminals
    (3) Blue quick tab connectors
    (10) Wire ties
    (1) Tube - thread locker
    (1) 40-amp fuse
    (1) Jumper plug for reversing the switches on the handlebar control