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Braking SK Directional Front Race Rotors



Price: $ 196.55 to $ 219.00
  • The SK series front race rotors represent an evolution of the original Braking STX profile rotors
  • But with precise direction of rotation, meaning the left and right rotors are side specific
  • A lower outer braking track designed for todays radial calipers lessens weight, reducing unsprung mass
  • Leads to better overall handling and performance of the bike - 40-50g lighter per rotor than Braking STX series rotors and nearly 1 lb. lighter per set than other brands
  • Fast reaction and the best lever feel during racing conditions are provided
  • Precise direction of rotation designed to permit better ventilation capability
  • Maintains the coolest temperature possible during aggressive use
  • Same exact rotor used on the 600- and Superbike Championship-winning Factory Kawasaki Canada team and also used by Factory Yamaha Superbike in the U.S.A.
  • Sold each