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DP Pro MX Brake Pads



Price: $ 35.28 to $ 38.66
  • Get maximum performance and durability with equal performance in wet or dry conditions
  • Every DP Brake pad and shoe is made from sintered metal material; sintered metal cuts through the film of water that forms on brake discs in wet conditions for exceptional wet weather performance, plus they provide little or no fade and will not harm metal discs
  • Used by Team Pro Circuit/SplitFire; Team Suzuki Off-Roads Rodney Smith, Steve Hatch and Mike Keidrowski; Team Green off-road riders Fred Andrews, Paul Edmondson, Destry Abbott and Brian Brown; former Hare Scrambles champion Doug Blackwell; and Kawasaki Team Green and Team Suzuki amateur support programs

  • Highest performance by using HH-rated friction material
  • Equal performance in wet or dry conditions
  • No brake fade
  • Excellent initial response
  • Quick break-in
  • Get a competitive edge regardless of weather conditions
  • State-of-the-art zirconium-based ceramic backplate material works as a heat shield in maximum-stress race conditions
  • SDP Pro MX pads are recommended for all motorcross racing and competitve enduro use

Note: All brake pads and shoes are sold in a set for one disc or drum. Order one set for each disc or drum on your machine

Note: Never use sintered metal or RSI type brake calipers in bikes originally equipped with non-sintered pads. Check your owners manual to see if sintered metal brakes were original equipment on your machine