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Cheng Shin CU04
/ TM005543G0

Rim Diameter:
Outside Diameter:
Price: $ 122.30 to $ 132.87
Possible alternatives - tires of the same size

  • Radial design for a smooth ride that absorbs feedback from rough terrain
  • Large contact patch means more traction and better acceleration
  • C pattern in tread creates a smooth experience on hard pack
  • Aggressive shoulder knobs increase bite when cornering

  • SAFETY WARNING: Please consult tire manufacturers publication (s) and/or website (s) for information on tire care, safety, installation, maintenance, manufacturers warranty and other information

    Inflated Width /Measuring Rim Width:
    Inflated Diameter: 26.00"
    Acceptable Rim Width(s): 9.00"
    Deepest Tread Depth: 25/32"
    Balance Dot: No
    Directional Arrow: Yes
    Speed Rating: F-Rated up to 50 mph

    Capacities and Construction:
    Load Capacity/Inflation Pressure: 1100
    Maximum Inflation Pressure to Seat Bead: 36 psi
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 7 psi
    Bias or Radial Ply: Radial
    Tread Plies/Material: 4 nylon
    Sidewall Plies/Material: 4 nylon
    DOT approved for Road Use: No
    Tube or Tubeless: Tubeless