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Moose Type 393



Outside Diameter:
Price: $ 79.95 to $ 109.95
  • Built to meet the demands of the ATV/UTV market
  • Ideal for woods, deep mud or sand
  • 100% X-rayed on the production line to assure quality and reliability
  • Meet or exceed OEM required load capacities
  • Fronts rated 675 lb. and rears at 1,150 lb.
  • Available in gloss black with chrome center caps and black torx head rivets
  • Moose Utility Division center cap included with each wheel (must order lug nuts separately)

Diameter: 12 inch Width: 7 inch Offset (In/Out): 4+3 Bolt Pattern: 4 on 156mm

Aftermarket wheels are not exact matches for OEM wheels. This wheel is specified for every model that it will bolt onto, regardless of the original wheels width, diameter, offset and other specifications. It is your responsibility to determine whether it has similar specifications to your original wheel or not, and whether a tire size change is necessary when fitting it.

When changing wheel offset, width, diameter or tire size from the original, you must check clearance for the brakes, a-arms, fenders and any other items that the wheel or tire may interfere with before mounting a tire on the wheel or the assembly to your ATV. If the replacement wheels offset does not match the original exactly, it is better to have less offset in and more offset out to eliminate possible clearance issues.

For additional information, including your original wheel sizes and offset, refer to our printed catalog or contact us.