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Klotz Oil Nitro Power Additive 16oz.
# KL-600

Volume:16 oz
Type:Nitro Additive
Price: $ 12.25
MSRP: $ 12.50
Hazardous item, not available for shipping. This item is available for local pick-up only.
  • An oxygenating power additive developed for gasoline and methanol alcohol fuels
  • Designed to extract the maximum level of horsepower from stock and modified engines
  • Contains 50% nitropropane and 50% Koolinal™ as a blending and cooling agent that resists detonation and pre-ignition
  • Dyno testing indicates substantial power increases may be obtained when using Klotz Nitro
  • 16 oz. cans; sold to dealer 10 per case; sold to consumer as each